A few years ago, I started reading works by this wonderful woman, Sydney Logan.  While reading some of her unpublished stuff, I learned that she was working on her first novel and was attempting to have it published.  Then she did.  Do you have any idea how cool it is to know someone who is achieving one of their dreams?  And to know that that person really deserves it?  That’s Sydney.  Knowing her, I of course jumped to buy her book.  That’s what you do for friends.  When they put something out, you buy it to support them.  Know what though?  I actually REALLY loved the book.

Lessons Learned was Sydney’s first book.  It completely floored me.  It’s about a teacher who moves back to her hometown and gets caught up in the life of a gay quarterback while attempting to put her own life back together.  It’s also set in Appalachia.  Holy cow.  I really boiled the book down to one line but there is so much more depth to this novel.  I couldn’t put it down and sobbed by the time it was all said and done.  I truly believe that everyone should read it.  You meet characters who are homophobic, some who are not, some who change and some who don’t.  It’s not a preachy “get on the rainbow bandwagon” book but it does have an amazing message.
Sydney has MASTERED the publishing world and her FOURTH full length novel will be published in a matter of days!  I was privileged to get an ARC of her newest novel Pros & Cons in exchange for an honest review.  Like all of Sydney’s books, I was NOT disappointed!
Pros & Cons is a story about 2 con artists, Ethan Summers and Jenna York.  Ethan and Jenna are two of the best in the business and , if it weren’t for their partners being in love, would be happy to stay away from each other.  Or would they?
Ethan and Jenna are saucy and snarky and everything I want in a power couple.  Their attraction is real and palpable but these two characters fight it all the way to the bedroom.  In true Sydney Logan form, their story is not without bumps and there is one in particular that just shatters the world these two live in.
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