I was a nervous wreck – but you know that.

I about shut down a million times.

In the end?  The event was a massive success and I had a lot of fun!  I was glad to have hubby beside me – the ladies LOVED him!  He’s such a charmer and did an amazing job grabbing swag to giveaway to you, fearless readers, AND he did a great job promoting me and his novel!  Yeesh!

A few months ago was the Ohioana Book Festival and one thing I learned was not to go in the very beginning.  We showed up to Ever After with about 2 hours left of the event and people were sooo nice and chatty!  I had a couple people give me a little side-eye when I mentioned that I’m a blogger and would love to promo their work if they wanted/needed it  Let’s be honest – I didn’t know everyone there!  I’m new(ish) to this whole game!

I was stoked to meet the amazing JA Hensley, who is absolutely wonderful.  I actually bought tickets to this event because she was going to be there.  I was glad she was towards the back of the ballroom – it meant that I didn’t panic the way I did at Ohioana when the incredible Sherri Hayes was RIGHT THERE when I walked in the door.  (Not gonna lie – I did a circle before I met Sherri Hayes – she was my last stop because I was fan girling so hard.)

One thing is for sure – I LOVED the event and am so glad to have gone.  We got a lot of good information and I really feel prepared to take hubby to his first signing when the time comes.  Heck, I’m ready to finish my novel so I can hang out with all these wonderful gals!

Get ready, fearless readers…I’m sorting swag and building packs to giveaway.  I’ve got 3 SIGNED PAPERBACKS!  Signed bookmarks, rack cards, post cards….there’s sooo much stuff!