Back in my teens I learned I really loved to write.  When it came time to go to college I told my parents I wanted to study creative writing.  My father was quick to rule out that idea.  He said there were enough starving writers in the world, and I needed a real career.  So off I went to study Mechanical Engineering in school.   Have I mentioned how much I hate math?  I can do it, but it doesn’t come to me as easily as it should if I am going to be an Engineer.  After 3 years of nothing but math and science I was miserable.  I decided then to switch over to a Marketing degree, where I would have a useful degree, business, but I would have the possibility to be creative at the same time. 

I think everyone can relate that after college, marriage and kids you lose yourself in the day to day tasks just to keep life moving smoothly.  On Feb. 1, 2013 my friend Jessica died suddenly.  My life had been entwined with her and her brother Michael since we were in pull ups.  Michael called soon after and said, “You were always the writer of the family, can you please do the obituary for us?”  I was proud to do it, and it made me realize that almost 20 years had passed since I took the time to do something for me, just because I enjoy it. 

I slowly began writing again for myself, not really sure what I was going to do with it.  Once my daughter started school I was able to dedicate more time.  The next thing I knew I managed to have a finished manuscript. 

On Feb. 1, 2016, three years after Jessica’s death I publish my first book.  The book was supposed to be out last October, but nothing went according the schedule.  Everything just fell into place for the release to happen that day, as if it was mean to be. 

Pursue your dreams while you can.  I can say I feel more like “me” now that I’ve done this.  I’m not just the wife, the mother, the housekeeper, or the maid.  I’m Stacy again, and that’s a great thing.