Book 4 of The Gates Legacy Series

by Lorenz Font


Release Date: June 4 , 2015

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

ISBN e-book: 978-1-61213-383-6

Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH


I can not say enough good things about this book!!



With Isidora in his arms, Cyrus found comfort from the torture of his nightmares and his past. The warmth of her touch and the sweetness of her kisses made him think of nothing but the present and the desire he had long denied.

11203043_697474750380233_423588790353345754_nCyrus had no idea how to take things between them. He had given her rough sex because he had been a jealous ass. If he’d been thinking clearly, he wouldn’t have done it. Yet he had given in to the intense need to possess her. Maybe, if he took things slow and started from the beginning, he could make do with the little kisses and touching. However, the tenting inside his pants was a cause for concern. It didn’t take long for her to notice.

Issy broke their kiss and smiled up at him. She had that gleam in her eyes, the kind that told him she knew what he was thinking. He rotated his hips, trying to create room between their bodies, but she refused to let him go.

“This is a good time to see if we can work things out.”

“Damn it,” Cyrus muttered. Was he ready? The answer was out of his hands. With the massive wood he was sporting, even a long dip in an icebox wouldn’t chill him out. His body needed Issy, and there was no doubt she wanted him, too.

“Cy, you can take charge of everything. We’ll go at your pace and on your terms. I’m here to enjoy the ride.”

This made him smile. “Even if the ride is bumpy?”

“As long as I’m with you.” She tightened her arms around his waist. “I don’t care how rough, how easy—just take me with you.”

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~~Interview with Lorenz Font~~



How did you come up with the idea for The Gates’ Legacy series?

My take on these popular creatures spun from a conversation with a friend. He asked me what happens if a vampire has Aids. The question got me thinking.

I couldn’t give an answer right away, but the idea stayed with me. It took me a few days to sit down and write the first chapter. After that, I still had no clear foresight of what I wanted in the story, so I didn’t force it.  After a few months, I started thinking about the question again. To be honest, when I began writing, I only had a vision of the beginning and end, and certainly didn’t plan on writing a series. As soon as chapter two of Hunted was underway and Harrow became alive in my head, scene after scene started popping and I found myself writing a chapter per day. That is a lot considering I didn’t have an outline.

When all of it became real in my head, there was no stopping me. Harrow is sick and hunted. The Vampire Council is out to get him. The concept is simple, but the integration of sub-plots and colorful characters added ‘meat’ and excitement to the story. By the end of Hunted, the ideas for the next books in the series were firm inside my head.

Harrow is not like most guys – alpha male material – and yet we can’t help but fall in love with him for his sensitivity. Is he based on someone in your life? How’d his character come to be?

Harrow is a unique character that sprung out of nowhere. He is not based on a real-life person. When the idea for Hunted was conceived, I only have a name and circumstance surrounding the character. As the story progressed, he became much more prominent and took over. Everything I wrote was dictated by him and the people he dealt with. Harrow is a kind soul and he’s not afraid to show his tender side. The more I write him, the more real he becomes. Maybe this will come as a surprise, but I actually had several interesting conversation with him.

Tell us about Rohnert?

Tor is an enigma, a complicated and quiet man. He is the type of vampire who’d rather sit, wait and react. He rarely acted on impulse, and if he does, there is a good reason for it. He was my kryptonite. I remembered getting stuck while writing his book, Ascension, because Rohnert was too quiet and wouldn’t talk to me. Yes, I’ve had conversation with all my characters. J

Rohnert was a slow burn, and it took some prodding for him to come out and shine. When he finally emerged from his cocoon, he was a force to reckon with. His emotions poured out into paper and there was no stopping me until his full story was told.  He fights hard, but loves harder—a perfect leader, gentleman and lover.

Reckoning is the fourth installment in the series, can you tell us more about this particular story and how different it is from the other three.

When I first started imagining the concept of a diseased vampire and the hunt for the cure for the terrible disease, I never thought I’d have more than one story in my hands, let alone a series. Four or five chapters into writing Hunted (first book in the series), I realized I had a trilogy in my midst. The concept kept getting bigger and by the time Tormented (second book in the series) was over, the conflict had snowballed and I knew I couldn’t wrap things up in Ascension (third book).

Cyrus, the main man in this installment, was a secondary character in the first three books in the series. His human character trait as the head of the Tack Enterprises security, a haven for diseased vampires and humans, made him everyone’s go-to guy because he is selfless and reliable. As Cyrus transitioned into a vampire in Ascension, there were so many lingering issues that had to be addressed. The physical torture he went through at the hands of another, his thirst for vengeance and the constant threat from their enemies. This prompted me to give Cyrus the center stage to tell his story in Reckoning.

The prime goal and conflict in the first three books has been the quest for the cure. The issue has been resolved upon the discovery that Rohnert’s newborn son’s blood was the cure.

Reckoning starts off with Cyrus seeking vengeance against the man who has turned him into a vampire. Cyrus’ desire to get even has clouded his mind until an ancient breed of vampire surfaces, and he has to set aside his agenda in order to help the others.

Then the presence of Isidora, a beautiful and naïve vampire further complicates Cyrus’ life. She is of noble blood and her need to feed wreaks havoc on Cyrus’ ego.

It is not too different from the rest of the series as each story focuses on love, torment, betrayal and redemption. While the first three books concentrates on the quarrel against the Vampire Council, Reckoning is geared toward the new enemies in their midst.